AAU/USAV program and fees


All TEAMS. First payment of $350 due before 1st meeting. PAY HERE.

SECOND PAYMENT of $300 or $200 (12s) DUE March 10th.


Payment Plan for USAV $2,100 (17s)/2300 (14s)
November 19th Non refundable Deposit $500
January 10 $400/450
February 10 $400/450
March 10 $400/450
April 10 $400/450
Competitive/Traveling Teams
AAU Teams:  All Ages

This program has strong emphasis on fundamentals, but begins to add emphasis on team play and competitive strategy and success by establishing roles for team members.  Skill development is tailored to athlete’s position.  Each team member is required to attend all practices and travel to all tournaments.  There will be 8-10 players on the team.  Tryouts will occur for these teams and placement on the team is based on the athlete’s skill level.  These teams will travel to primarily in-state tournaments.  Practice will occur 2 times a week.

All travel teams require a huge commitment from both the athlete and the parents. These teams will practice two to three times a week and travel almost every weekend during the club season. Each athlete is responsible for their own traveling arrangements and expenses (these expenses are NOT included in your club fees). There are tryouts for these teams and placement is based on skill level.

Fees are determined by the number of players on a team,  cost of building rentals, stipend and travel costs for coaches, Director’s salary, tournament registration, AAU and/or USAV membership costs for coaches and teams, referee clinics, background checks, volleyball equipment, and administrative costs (copies, website maintenance, bank fees, etc).  BSVC is committed to providing programs at the lowest possible cost.  Fees for traveling teams do not include any athlete/family travel costs (transportation, food, and hotel); those are the responsibility of individual families.  Additional costs include optional warm ups and Travel bags.

First Payment of $350 is due at the parent/player/coach half hour meeting.  The second payment is due April 1st online payment only please.

Teams                     Fees for 2017/18

18 Big Sky- $650

18 Big Sky- $650                       

17 National- $2100

16 Team 1- $650

16 Team 2- $650

16 Team 3- $650

14  National- $2300

14 team 1-$650

14 team 2- $650

14 team 3-$650

14 team 4-$650

12 Big Sky- $550