Mission Statement

Big Sky Volleyball is a Non-Profit organization that provides a fun and informative place for young athletes to learn volleyball skills and gain experience to become stronger players and gain a life-long love of the game of volleyball. Our goal is to provide excellent coaching and a valuable volleyball experience in the Bozeman area.  We are dedicated to to creating a culture based on a mutual love and respect for teammates, opponents and the game itself.  We strive to teach the fundamentals of volleyball at their highest level. Our rigorous, highly competitive system prepares our teams for success at the all level. We pride ourselves in creating a unique atmosphere that fosters a true sense of family within a highly competitive environment. The ideals of hard work and family are the bedrock of the Big Sky Volleyball Club and will be what separates us from the rest.


Big Sky Volleyball Club (BSVC) is based in Bozeman, Montana.  We began as Montana Juniors in the early 90s and we have also operated as Mountain One Volleyball Club.  We changed our name and our look in 2009 to commemorate the growth we’ve seen in our membership and to increase name recognition when traveling outside of our region.

We provide multiple opportunities that vary in time and financial commitment as well as intensity for female athletes ages 9-18.  We are dedicated to advancing the personal and athletic development of youth through pursuit of excellence in volleyball, fostering a sense of community and culture throughout the club and promoting leadership in all club participants.

BSVC strives to provide an experienced qualified coaching staff that guides athletes in developing volleyball skills, system knowledge and team dynamics.  We emphasize playing in a positive, nurturing environment, teaching the concepts of team, sportsmanship and having fun.  We help many of our athletes in reaching their goal of playing at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels. We recognize that all the coaches, athletes, parents and participants benefit from being committed to a progressive club that has a continuity of purpose and that pursues excellence.

We love volleyball and genuinely want all our athletes to have a great experience.  Our success is not measured in wins and losses but by the growth, development and enjoyment of our athletes.  We strive for all participants to learn the game and love the experience.  Your Board of Directors and Club Director pledge to do whatever it takes to create and support such a program.

2016-2017 BSVC 

2015-2016 Board of Directors:

President – Jeni Anderson

Vice President- Kara Wahl

Secetary – Kara Wahl

Treasurer – Krista Nason

Members At-Large

 Brittany Bayse, Sophie Mumford

BSVC Board

  • The Board oversees all activities of Big Sky Volleyball Club.
  • New Board members are appointed as needed by nomination following an interview by the full board
  • Board members will strive to make decisions in accordance with BSVC goals and mission statement.

Director- Kandice Gregorak, Assistant Director- Sarah Baugh and Lead Coach- Megan Murphey

  • The BSVC Board hires the Director/Lead Coach.
  • The Director/Lead Coach hires all coaches and is directly responsible for all coaches.
  • All programs are implemented and run by the Director.  He/She will strive to provide a consistent learning environment for all athletes throughout the program.
  • The Director attends board meetings and is an intermediary between the board of Directors and the club as a whole. The Director is also an intermediary between coaches and parents.